About AMI Log Xylophones

African instruments from many cultures have inspired these unresonated xylophones. A single instrument, commonly, has more than one player, and the ends of the keys (rather than the middle) are struck in fast, interlocking patterns. Log xylophones are produced to both Western and African tuned scales. The Western range includes an 11-note pentatonic instrument in C, a 9-note pentatonic instrument in F and a 15-note diatonic instrument which can have a full chromatic keyboard added if required. Log xylophones are also great value for money as they can accomodate up to four children at a time, playing from both sides. They are an ideal introduction to the richness of African musical ideas and rythms and with their conventional pentatonic tunings can still be used with western instruments. The keys are supported on a simple wooden frame, the lower notes are overtone tuned and the instruments can be supplied either with Sneezewood or Kiaat wood notes

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