AMI makes ideophones, chordophones, aerophones and membranophones. Our instruments fit in with the ideologies of music education compatible with both Western and African models. From single-note participatory instruments to multiphonic solo instruments, AMI is your first and last stop when choosing instruments from the African family. From professionals to students, teachers to educationists, AMI offers the highest quality workmanship and sound, with the quality which can only come from our many years' experience.

AMI Kalimbas are the original, and the world standard in sound, quality and design. Notable international musicians, therapists and educators around the globe choose and prefer our instruments. Click here to see the entire AMI kalimba family, or here to read more about kalimbas, karimbas and mbiras.
AMI African Marimbas (as with our kalimbas) have become the benchmark standard in power marimbas. Road-ready, tough and durable, our instruments still retain in their sound aspects of their timbila ancestors, whilst paving the way for modern power marimba technology. Click here to see our entire marimba catalogue, and here to read more about our world-class instruments.
AMI Orff instruments have long been the first choice for South African educators travelling the exciting space between formal Western music education and indigenous African knowledge systems. Made of high-quality mthathi (sneezewood), the notes have a beautiful, resonant sound. Click here to see our Orff product line-up, and here to read more about Orff instruments and educational theory.
AMI Bass Bars are perfect for both Orff educators and performing musicians alike. They each have a beautiful warm, resonant single note, produced by the baked mthathi (sneezewood) from which they are made. Click here to see the entire bass bar product line, and here to read more about bar percussion.
AMI produces a variety of traditional African wind instruments. Aerophone technology has varied implementations across all of the African musical regions, and we can create any required instrument. Click here to see our standard wind catalogue and here to read more about the instruments.
Log Xylophone music is a fantastic example of African values in music. Traditionally, the instrument is shared by several people, each playing co-ordinated, interdependant parts, and the sum of everyone's efforts produces a truly amazing product. Click here to see our log xylophone list, and here to learn more about these amazing instruments.
Minor percussion plays a major part in the many musics of the world, and AMI minor percussion is made to performance-grade standards. From the wood and wicker we use, up to finishing and tuning, all of our instruments are made to suit a wide variety of needs, from the classroom to the stage. Click here to see our line-up of percussion instrumens, and here to read more about them.
Descended from hunting bows, there are several kinds of bows in the African musical instrument family. AMI produces high-quality umrube and uhadi Xhosa bows, with some modern conveniences, such as a tuning peg and horse-hair bow. Click here to see our bow catalogue, and here to read more about traditional instruments.
It is sad that the diembe (/djembe) has come to be seen as "the African drum", when it is in fact only one of a family of thousands of drums. AMI makes moropa and ngoma drums, as well as the thundering igubu, typical of the South African traditions of drumming. Put some variety into your music! Click here to see our collection of drums, and here to read more about these instruments.
Classroom resources and teaching materials are the backbone of a good teaching programme, and AMI recognises the need for good-quality, reliable products. We carry a series of books, sheet music, audio CDs and DVDs to meet teachers' needs from basic to advanced. Click here to see our product line. Click here to learn more about AMI workshops, the ultimate hands-on experience you can give your students and teachers!
AMI provides parts and accessories for all of our instruments, as well as the ideal place for service and repair. We can repair instruments from other manufacturers too, so contact us if you would like some advice about this. Click here to see our spare parts and accessories catalogue.