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Marimba Music Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Colleen Hart

Colleen Hart put these two volumes together by gathering arrangements from all over South Africa. They are a wonderful resource for any marimba programme. Excellent, readable scores, and a great variety of music from easy to really challenging. You can buy one and get lots of material, but they make a great pair.


South African Music for All by Alex Hitzeroth. This long overdue book of South African folk songs is a must for every classroom. Put together with Mihi Matshingana aand Romy Brauteseth, each of the 20 songs is scored for piano accompaniment, as well as translations into English and some background information.

Music for all book

Understanding African music by Mandy Carver

Mandy Carver wrote this book with high school students in mind. Published by the International Library of African Music (ILAM), the book is richly illustrated by archival photographs from ILAM and comes with a data disk of 96 tracks – audio and video. The book describes commonly occurring principles of African music and provides learning activities for each chapter.

How to use kalimbas in your classroom

This short ebook by Mandy Carver introduces the Alto kalimba and has lots of ideas for teachers who are inspired to use an African instrument to teach music. It’s free!

Listen and Learn: Music made easy by Boudina McConnachie

This book covers the music content of the South African CAPS curriculum for Grades 7 – 9. It is richly illustrated with photographs in the book and music on a data disk. Wherever possible, the content is explained with reference to African music. The book is published by the International Library of African Music (ILAM) and many of the audio tracks are drawn from its archive. The book, aimed at teachers, is accompanied by a Learner’s book.